Monday Musings: Why So Serious?

We’re bound to face problems each day. Murphy’s law is a law for a reason. Something’s just bound to go wrong, and guess what? It’s totally ok.

When something bad happens, we tend to react to it negatively. If you think about it, the negative reaction is something that comes from us. The exact same turn of events can be the opposite for another person who is also experiencing it. Let’s say you go to a concert and you didn’t like the artists who performed. You think to yourself “this was a waste of time, they weren’t very good.” Someone else in the crowd who may have just heard of the artists for the first time may have had the time of their life. Those are two vastly different takes on the same experience.

The stoics like to call this amor fati – the Latin phrase for love of fate. Rather than putting a negative spin on what happens today, embrace it. The milk has already spilled, so just accept it (they even say you should enjoy it), and pour yourself another glass.

That’s one way to stay sane and peaceful in an otherwise hectic world.

Have a great week ahead!

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