Monday Musings: How to Make Important Decisions

Harness your ability to travel in time.

In Daniel Pink’s The Power of Regret, he talks about a superpower only humans have – time travel. Our minds are able to go into the past, change certain decisions, then imagine what our present and future will be if we made that change. We don’t even need to hop into a DeLorean.

A very important decision needs to be made next Monday for people living in the Philippines. The next leader of the country will be decided by a vote. Each person’s vote bearing no more weight than the next.

Travel back to the past and see what kind of leaders you voted for. Did they do well? Would you have voted for someone else? Look at the choices you have now. Who do you think will be able to perform the duties of president and Commander-in-Chief? What about the other national and local posts?

If we’re lucky enough to survive another 6 years, what kind of country will we have if your bets win? Do not miss the opportunity to make a lasting effect on the future of the Philippines. The worst thing you can do in this situation is sit on your ass and watch the world go about its business when you can make a difference.

Simple Decision-making Tree

  1. What do I value in a public official?
  2. Will I regret voting for this person?
  3. Will I regret not voting for someone else?

The most painful regrets are the ones that got away. Don’t let this be one of those regrets.

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