Monday Musings: What is “Common Sense”?

“Why are you even asking? That’s just common sense!

Have you ever heard someone say that to you? When we think about it, what is common sense, anyway?

When we say “it’s common sense,” it just means “it’s simple logic.”

Me: Sir, I'm about to send the report in to our CFO. Could you please take a look at the presentation?

Boss: What's wrong with it?

Me: I just want to be sure that the format and presentation is easily understandable for our CFO.

Boss: Why do you need me for that? It's just common sense.

The problem with the phrase common sense is that it isn’t common at all! Humans are emotional beings and our logic comes after emotion. Even the stoics understand that their thoughts are influenced by their emotions. The only difference is they are able to process those emotions and act a certain way.

Do you have common sense? Do you see things logically? It’s just common sense!

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