IKIGAI: The Treasure Map

In last week’s blog, I introduced the concept of Ikigai and the program we offer for those who want to find their daily purpose. Today, I’m going to talk more about the process that someone would go through when they enroll in our Ikigai program.

There’s one great thing about looking for your reason for being: it’s intuitive. The answers to “What should I do with my life?” are already inside you. Our program was created to cancel out the noise, and plot down a map to find what the best fit is for you.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

The main tool we’ll use for the sessions is the Ikigai Game, which is a set of cards developed by the Ikigai Coaching Institute to make your ideas clear and focused. With that said, the Ikigai Game and other tools are just the starting point. The discussions, questioning, and reflection are the most important part of the process.

No book, online quiz, or YouTube video can give you honest, professional feedback.

The Ikigai program will take at least 5-6 sessions to complete. The sessions will include discussions on Ikigai, expectations, what you love, what you’re good at, reality check, and plan of action. That plan at the end of the program will be your first steps into making your dreams into reality.

The Ikigai Game’s 5 Steps:


What You Love

What You’re Good at

Reality Check

Treasure Map

Okay, now that I’ve completed the sessions, what comes next?

The second half of the process is what I call the accountability phase. This is when the two of us will meet to discuss your progress. We’ll take a look at what’s going right, and also at what may be stopping you from reaching your goal.

What happens if what we planned isn’t going the way we expected it to? The good thing about this framework is how robust it is to challenges. The Ikigai framework we use can be reviewed to find the deficiencies and the solutions for those deficiencies. Did we overestimate your passion or competency? Did an unforeseen situation come up that prevented you from continuing? After analyzing the new circumstances, we can come up with an adjusted game plan.

Do you want to know more? Schedule a meeting with me and we can talk about the program in more detail.

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